Due to COVID-19 concerns we are currently working to maintain recommended social distancing while inspecting buildings or perform the site work portion of our consulting services.  Social distancing requirements can be difficult to observe during site work when people are present and our focus is on the work at hand and not on making sure we are steering clear of persons present, their condition, or activities.  As a result we are requiring our clients and associates observe the following requirements:

  • Currently we are requiring clients only schedule site work or inspections for buildings which are vacant or those where we can assure no one will be present in the building to be evaluated.  We will allow our client to accompany us while observing social distancing.  If we cannot achieve a limited number of persons on site as outlined above the inspector reserves the right to cancel the inspection at any time on site without refund.
  • For residential inspection work we do require a realtor or owner to open the building to provide access but request they remain outside the building during the inspection to limit contact with the inspector or client.
  • We request no visitors such as friends, family, or other non essential parties be present while we are conducting site work.  We will work with other professionals on site in coordinate of social distancing.
  • If you or the building occupants are ill please contact our office at the earliest time and inform our staff.  If needed we can reschedule the appointment.  Do not attend an inspection with a fever or if you are feeling ill.
  • We are providing online meeting time for document review to better observe social distancing.  If you need us to host an online meeting for your inspection project please contact our office.

We have set these policies in accordance with CDC and state requirements to maintain social distancing and a working environment which is safe for our employees, clients, and other parties who may typically be a party to our services.  If you have special needs or considerations those can be discussed with our office at the time of inspection.  These measures are being implemented to best observed social distancing practices for the protection of our employees and our clients while still providing inspection services.

We appreciate your consideration.

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