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A type of water distribution pipe fabricated from cross-linked polyethylene.  PEX tubing is a plastic material used for both residential water supply piping systems and hydronic heating systems (using water).

Advantages Include:

  • Potentially Fewer Leaks : PEX plumbing installations using a central manifold can be installed fewer fittings than rigid piping. This means there is less likelihood for leaks to occur at joint connections.  This can also result in less trouble with pressure loss to some fixtures in the same bathroom cluster.  Most production homes rely in a traditional branch system reducing or eliminating these benefits.
  • Easier Fixture Control – When installed with a central manifold fixtures can be independently turned off for service.  This can also reduce fittings which are prone to leak since manifold systems are normally installed with each run having fittings only at each end of the pipe run.  Most newer homes are designed with the branch method of installation rather than using a manifold.
  • Flexible : PEX tubing can make 90 degree turns without elbow fittings, and PEX tubing unrolled from spools can be installed in long runs without the need for coupling fittings.
  • Corrosion Resistant : PEX resists the scale build-up common with copper pipe, and does not pit or corrode when exposed to acidic water.
  • Freeze Resistant : PEX tubing is more resistant to freeze-breakage than copper or rigid plastic pipe.
  • No Water Hammer : Water flows more quietly through PEX tube, and “water hammer” noise that occurs in copper pipe systems is less likely to occur unless the tubing is not secured in walls properly.