Roof Inspection

Roof Only – The primary purpose of this inspection is to provide an opinion as to whether the roof of the building is performing the function for which it was intended or if it is in need of repair. In addition, the inspection will provide insight into the overall condition of the roof and provide information related to the normal remaining life expectancy. The scope of this inspection will generally include visual observations of only those portions of the roof components readily visible, without moving or removing items causing visual obstruction. Observations are generally made at the exterior and interior of the structure, including the attic, when possible, from the readily accessible interior and the roof surface when accessible.

Roof Only inspections are normally used for:

  • Homeowner Information -To provide an unbiased opinion of the roof performance.
  • New Roof Installation -It may be desirable to have a roof inspection after installation for defects in workmanship or application of materials.

Download a Sample Roof Inspection Report