Foundation Inspection

This inspection is to evaluate the condition of the foundation in order to provide information related to its condition and provide an opinion as to whether or not it is in need of repair.  This evaluation does not typically include a design for repair if determined necessary. The data obtained and included in this report will provide insight into the overall condition of the foundation and information that will assist in maintaining it in the best possible condition during future years. Some of the comments contained in the observations portion of this type of report will be related to need for preventative maintenance. The scope of this inspection includes visual observations of only those portions of the foundation and structural components readily visible without moving or removing items causing visual obstruction.

Foundation only inspections are normally used for:

  • Homeowner Information – To provide an unbiased opinion of the foundation performance.
  • Refinancing -Some financial institutions may require evaluations of the foundation performance.
  • Backup Opinions -Some inspection companies may not be qualified to render an opinion of the performance of the foundation, or the presence of special circumstances may require the opinion of a Professional Engineer.

Download a Foundation Inspection Sample Report