Condition of Property (1 Year Warranty)

The purpose of this inspection is to make visual on-site observations of the general conditions and performance of components of the relatively new building normally performed within the builder’s warranty period, with the intent of locating problematic areas and determining whether or not there is a need for repair. A list of observed irregularities and suspected defects are to be provided. These observations are made to provide a basis for the opinions which will be provided in a written report. The scope of this inspection is on-site visual observations for evidences of non performing components of the building that may be in need of repair or replacement.  The inspection of the building includes, but is not necessarily limited to:  the building structure, evidences and consequences of differential movement in the building’s foundation, the roof, limited aspects of finish work at the interior and exterior of the building, site work, mechanical and electrical equipment installation (including the built-in appliances), the insulation, and other aspects of the building’s construction which can have a bearing on the condition and performance of the building.  Mechanical and electrical equipment are observed to determine their general condition and general quality of installation but are not necessarily operated in every mode of operation unless specific concerns are brought to our attention by the client since they have been in use for an extended period of time and any apparent defects in function or performance would normally be apparent to the building owner.  Electrical observations will be made at the readily accessible light switches and electrical outlets and the switches are operated to determine whether or not they were mechanically functional.  The readily accessible outlets are checked with a plug-in circuit analyzer to determine if they are properly wired.  Only those items and areas accessible without moving furniture, access covers, or other items are observed.  The plumbing is normally checked and operated where possible to determine if apparent defects exist.  Inspection for hazardous gases or materials, such as radon, asbestos, mold, or for latent defects in the roof, foundation, or structure, is considered beyond the scope of this inspection as these often require special testing or disassembly of components to perform.  If you believe you have need of services beyond the scope of a visual inspection, please contact our office and, we will be glad to discuss a custom scope of work.