Pre-Purchase Building Inspection (Home Inspection)

Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Inspection.

A structural mechanical and electrical (or SME) inspection is the most common pre-purchase combination  and includes what is commonly referred to as a Home Inspection. This inspection looks at all aspects of the accessible structure in the same way that a structural only inspection will as well as covering the general condition and basic operation of the mechanical systems and electrical systems in the building.  Because there is a need to individually define the purpose and scope of each inspection type independently we issues 3 separate reports bundled in a single document.  This make the information well defined, easily readable, and easily referenced.  This inspection provides the most cost effective approach to obtaining information on the general condition of a property for the best value.  For a more specific description including the purpose and scope. When considering a residential property this type of inspection is comparable to a “Home Inspection” offered by TREC inspection contractors although our focus is not on code issues, but the condition of the property inspection.

Structural mechanical and electrical inspections are normally used for:

  • Pre-Purchase Contracts – By far the most requested type of inspection for satisfying pre-purchase inspection needs.
  • Rental Property Condition -Both renters and property owners choose to have property evaluated by an unbiased party to assist in issues regarding responsibilities and conditions of rented property.
  • Estate Property Condition -Executors of estate property find SME evaluations useful to determine the true condition of an estate property for planning or legal purposes.

Download A Sample Reports for Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Inspections