Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections generally consist of the visible electrical wiring, circuit breakers, light fixtures, electrical outlets, light switches, and visible wiring connections to the appliances. The purpose of the inspection is to observe and point out visually apparent deficiencies in the electrical wiring and equipment at the time of the inspection and to determine if it is performing the function for which it was intended. Only a cursory evaluation will be made to determine the adequacy of the capacity. There is no intent to closely examine and evaluate each of the primary or branch circuits. The scope of the inspection includes visual observations of the electrical wiring, the main circuit breaker box, the visible wiring at the attic, and connections to the electrical appliances. Observations are made at the readily accessible light switches and electrical outlets. The switches are operated to determine whether or not they are mechanically functional. The readily accessible outlets are checked with a plug-in circuit analyzer to determine if they are properly wired. Only those items accessible without moving furniture, access covers, or other items will be observed. It is specifically pointed out that routing of circuitry, adequacy of wiring, and/or compliance with electrical codes is not included as a part of this cursory inspection. An estimated cost of repair is provided for planning purposes only and may vary significantly, depending on the extent of the problem and the method by which repairs are made.

Electrical inspections are normally used for:

  • Homeowner Information – To provide an unbiased opinion of the condition of the electrical systems.
  • Pre-Purchase Contracts -Under some circumstances, a buyer may choose to have only the mechanical and electrical systems of the building evaluated based on the condition or intended use for the property.  This is most common where a purchaser is considering the purchase of a condominium or unit in a high-rise building.
  • Rental Property Condition -Both renters and property owners choose to have property evaluated by an unbiased party to assist in issues regarding responsibilities and conditions of rented property.

Download a Sample Reports for Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Inspections