Final Quality – The purpose of this inspection is to make visual on-site observations of the workmanship evident in the construction of a building, which will provide information as to the overall quality of workmanship utilized in the fabrication of the building, with the most significant irregularities being pointed out for your consideration. A list of these observed irregularities and suspected defects will be provided. These observations are made to provide a basis for the opinions which will be stated in the body of the report. The scope of this inspection is on-site visual observations of evidences of workmanship utilized in fabrication of the building including, but not necessarily limited to, the following: the building structure, evidences and consequences of differential movement in the building foundation, the roof, finish work at the interior and exterior of the building, site work, mechanical and electrical equipment installation (including the built-in appliances), the insulation, and other aspects of the building fabrication process which have a bearing on the overall quality of the building fabrication.  Mechanical and electrical equipment are not necessarily operated through full modes of operation but are operated to determine quality of installation to the extent possible as part of a visual inspection of new construction since they are new and under warranty for an extended period of time.  The plumbing is checked and operated where possible. Inspection for hazardous gases or materials, such as radon or asbestos, or for latent defects in the roof, foundation, or structure, is considered beyond the scope of this inspection. Our inspectors have not been trained to detect such materials, and no tests are performed to discover any latent defects in the foundation, structure, roof, or maintenance of the building that may become evident after the owner takes possession of the building.

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