Who Works For You?

We have been getting feedback from our clients buying new construction in the last few months that their builder is telling them they don’t need a 3rd party inspection because the builder hires a 3rd party inspector for quality assurance.  The builders are working to convince clients that they simply do not need their own 3rd party inspection and are wasting money since the builder is providing them.  Most builders have some type of quality assurance program, and while it is commendable that builders are becoming even more proactive by hiring 3rd party inspectors, accepting a builder’s 3rd party inspection is really a conflict of interest.

Why should you get your own 3rd party quality assurance inspection?

  • The builder owns the report and access to follow information. This means you may have no follow-up access to the inspector.  When you hire a professional you are their client.  You should ask if you are to get a copy of the reports for review and consideration.  These could be useful if you elect to obtain your own inspections.
  • The client has significant control over the purpose and scope of the inspection. This means that the client can set the standards and scope of the inspection.  Often such inspectors only inspect to the code standard locally.  This means they are only inspecting to the lowest minimum standard and may not actually be considering the quality of the work being performed.
  • Items not specifically covered by code, and there are a lot of them, may not be covered in the builder’s 3rd party inspection.
  • You will not get to observe the inspector during the inspection, ask questions, and raise your own concerns. This is a valuable part of the inspection process.
  • You may not have access to the inspector to ask questions.

Scope Of Work Varies

Many inspection contractors don’t review much if any finish work and often do not offer their inspection services as an assessment of the apparent quality of workmanship assessing the builder’s standard of quality.  Professional Engineering Inspections does not only inspect the basic structural, mechanical, and electrical systems but we also inspect the quality of the installation of doors, windows, wall coverings, cabinets, trim, siding, and other components that define the builder’s attention to detail and quality.  While we do not claim to find every defect and are not trying to find every blemish, we do work to help you to understand the relative quality of the building and to understand defects or irregularities we find so you can work with your builder to find solutions.


You also get to work with us as we inspect your building.  You are invited to our inspection and to participate, contribute your concerns and observations, and ask questions.  Clients often spend more time in a building over the course of construction than we do and can bring valuable information to the inspection in the form of questions, comments, and observations that bring value to our inspection.  After your report is issued, we are also available to answer your questions as you work with your builder to address concerns regarding the quality of construction.

Who Controls Your Information?

Bottom line is to get your own inspection.  Obtain the quality of inspection you need from an inspector of your choice.  Hire an inspection contractor who will provide you with clear information on the building you are having constructed, or considering purchasing, and who will be available for answering your questions and supporting the information in their issued report.  Please contact us if we can provide your inspection services.  To see a sample of our quality of workmanship inspection here.