By: Gary J. Caruso, P.E. R.S.   Criterium-Caruso Engineers.

Dealing with a contractor requires some understanding of what they do and who they are as persons.  To understand your contractor, you have to understand that contracting is a very difficult, risky and stressful undertaking.  Contractors, particularly small contractors, are very sensitive to cash flow issues.  The contractor is expected to be able to anticipate how the project will progress, anticipate problems and produce a quality product on time.  Hopefully, he/she makes a profit and gets paid on a timely basis.  Time is the essence of their activities and time can determine whether the project is profitable or not.

Some contractors have marketing persons who are gregarious and want to please.  Sometimes their knowledge of the effort required for the job is less than desirable.  They may promise results…  To see full article visit the web site.

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