It is that time of year once again.  Dry weather and warmer temperatures are upon us. It seems like this time of year just sneaks up on us every year and it is dry before you know it.  On the inspections I am performing I am just starting to see the soils showing evidence of shrinking away from concrete flat work including foundations.  This is a bad sign because it means that drying has been going on for a while and this year it is occurring a little sooner than in previous years.  Don’t be terribly surprised if you are starting to see cracks or separations in your brick and drywall starting this month.

Texas Drought Map

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The good news is that foundation movement, related to dry weather, is often avoidable in the Houston area or in areas with expansive soils and dry weather.  Now is the time to start watering your foundation, improving drainage, and considering how to handle the vegetation around your building.  Check the information found at these links to help you plan for your summer.

Foundation Care Information.

Watering Information.

General Foundation Maintenance and Care.

If you need further assistance or believe you have a problem don’t call a foundation repair contractor, call our office and schedule a foundation evaluation or site consult.  We can help you plan for your foundation’s health this summer and we don’t make money of you choose to repair your foundation.