Things to Consider About Flood Insurance

If you live in the greater Houston area flooding and flood insurance is a concern.  We are essentially a big flat city so if it rains long enough in your area, flooding may be a reality for you. During hurricane season there is also the threat of flooding during tropical events and hurricanes which are not uncommon here.  The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has prepared this video to cover the basics of floor insurance.

They point out that:

  • Homeowners insurance does not include flood insurance.
  • You should know your flood risk.  Check flood fema maps for your area.  If you need further clarification you will need an elevation certificate from a licensed surveyor. You should inquire about getting this information when you are ask to pay for a survey.
  • There is a waiting period after you purchase flood insurance before it becomes effective.  Did I mention we are a flat city that gets lots of rain?
  • They cover the costs information.
  • TDI recommends you consult with you insurance agent or the TDI for additional information.

Note that a determination of the potential for flooding on a property you own or are considering purchasing is not normally within the scope of a property condition inspection.