Foundation Quality Inspection: The purpose of this inspection is to make visual on-site observations of the workmanship evident in the construction of the building foundation. The information collected will be used as a basis for an opinion of the apparent quality of workmanship which will be provided in this report. A list of the observed irregularities and suspected defects will be provided as a part of the report. There will also be a separate list of some of the most significant irregularities, even though the irregularities may not be very important. Most of the observed irregularities will be in need of repair or correction to some extent, but it is suggested that the extent and need for repair be discussed with the general contractor responsible for the construction of the property. The list of anomalies is not claimed to be the complete list of irregularities that exist, but a representative list used to form the opinion which is the basis for this inspection. On-site visual observations will be made of the foundation construction preparations and installations with the intent of determining the apparent quality of the foundation and the workmanship related to the construction. This inspection does not include review of the building design or design of any component of the building either completed or planned as of the time of the inspection. The design of the building is considered the responsibility of the builder and/or the engineer or architect who prepared and approved the plans for construction. There is no intent to determine if plumbing or other rough-in preparations are properly placed with respect to the finish components of the building. Placement of rough-in items is the responsibility of the craftsman and supervisor responsible for the project. This inspection is normally performed when the site preparations for pouring of the foundation concrete are completed and the site is ready to pour.

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