We are still getting requests into the office for foundation inspections due to cracks in the walls, brick, and separations between construction materials. This time of year we are normally starting to get a bit more rain and cooler temperatures.  These conditions are generally good for foundation performance.  With the higher temperatures trees and other vegetation is still very active and using moisture from the soil and due to the lack of rain that moisture is not being replaced.  In areas of Houston, which is most of it, where the soil has expansive properties this means you need to keep up your summer watering program.

Keep in mind that watering the foundation is not the same as watering your yard.  You need to follow a watering program which typically involves watering near the foundation several times a day to maintain the moisture content in the soil supporting the foundation.  More generally use our proven foundation care program.  Our clients have been using this basic program for 30 years to reduce movement in their foundations.