If your foundation has been repaired and you have voids like the one shown in the picture along the edge of the foundation you need to regrade soil as soon as possible.  These voids can occur within 1 to 2 years after a foundation has been repaired as a result of compaction of the soil use to fill locations repairs were installed.  If you fail to fill these voids water can wash around the piers resulting in differential movement of the foundation requiring a adjustment of the piers.  This may not be covered under your warranty if the foundation repair contractor believes you did not take the proper steps to maintain drainage at your foundation.  These voids can also indicate other problems such as excessively dry soil, animals burrowing at your foundation, or and rare occurrences plumbing leaks.  If you’re not sure give us a call and let us check it out.  We can also give your foundation to check up and let you know if we believe is performing normally or requires adjustment or for the repair.