The question of whether a building’s below grade plumbing drains should be tested comes up frequently during building evaluations.  Although testing is not terribly expensive it is yet another layer of expense that a client must consider against the value of the information it will provide.  On today’s inspection Professional Drain Inspectors found that the drains were never connected to the city sewer on a new build in an established neighborhood at the north side of downtown.  All city inspections were performed and they had cleared their final city inspection.  Testing is a good idea during any purchase as an added layer of information that can help in understanding condition, care, and maintenance of drains, but in some cases should be strongly considered.

Typically testing is strongly recommended where buildings:

  • have cast iron drains in the age range of 40 years or more.
  • with ABS plumbing drains where foundation repair is suspected to have been performed.
  • As part of any foundation repair at the conclusion of repairs.
  • of you are planning a remodel

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